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Your guide to building engaging, collaborative online communities


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57% of consumers will stay loyal to a brand if there's more human connection.

Human connection, genuine collaboration and intentional learning opportunities—these are the pillars of a meaningful online community.

You’re here because you want to create a community like this. You want to support a group of people in a way that encourages professional growth and fosters genuine connection. We’ve created this guide to build upon itself and support you as a community leader. 

Through this community guide experience, we’ll email you resources, templates and thought pieces to inform the way you build community.

Now go create meaningful connections.

What to expect

Part 1: How to build your community

How to build your community

You'll receive a three-page guide outlining your first steps toward your community.

Part 2: How to engage your community

How to engage your community

Listen to a podcast recording for best practices around engaging community members and building sustained relationships.

Part 3: How to grow your community

How to grow your community

Navigate through practical, research-based tips in an infographic about growing your community.