LIGHTS Parent and Caretaker Guide: Keeping Youth Safe from Human Trafficking and Exploitation

Human trafficking. Just those words make any parent or caretaker cringe with fear or concern. Yet, to keep our children safe, we have to talk about it. When you speak to your children about human trafficking, you are giving the power of knowledge and showing them that they can speak to you about the important and harder things in life.

To support you in having these difficult but crucial conversations, UNITAS has created the LIGHTS Parent and Caretaker Guide.

  • Learn the fundamental facts about human trafficking as it relates to children and youth.  
  • Learn about key forms of human trafficking that specifically impact children. 
  • Learn new and effective ways to speak to your children in a way that affirms their strengths and builds trust.  

Along the way, we’ll be sharing resources, terminology, case studies and how to keep yourself emotionally safe as you learn and share what you know about human trafficking.

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